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Géraldine Bretault, historienne de l’art, assure la médiation et la traduction de vos contenus culturels, en adaptant la forme à la diversité de vos publics. Adoptez la slow culture, prenez le temps d’approfondir vos connaissances pour mieux apprécier les œuvres d’art.

Plus qu’un éloge de la lenteur, l’idée de slow culture met en avant la qualité de la relation individuelle à l’art. Une médiation approfondie promet d’enrichir vos émotions devant les œuvres.



Découvrez en langue anglaise le parcours et l'expérience de Géraldine Bretault, guide conférencière et traductrice spécialisée en médiation culturelle.



Visual Education is a wonderful way to improve your experience with art. The more you learn about a work of art, the stronger your emotions will be. As a docent and a translator, my job consists in conveying an artistic content to all kinds of publics. Slow culture is my motto.


Have you ever dreamt of a private guide in Paris, committed to your expectations and needs? Let me know your wishes, and I will make my best to craft a special visit for you and your family. Just name a museum or a neighborhood you would like to discover, and I will make all arrangements for you and make sure you have the best experience in my city.


Once we have defined together the content of my intervention, I come to your premises and deliver an illustrated presentation to your audience, either in auditorium or meeting room. My catalogue includes current exhibitions as well as art history lessons. I can also craft a customized brochure about the subject of your choice. 


I translate all kinds of art related documents from English and Italian into French. Major institutions and private publishers have already trusted me in the past, such as ICOM, ICCROM or INHA. I can also write and proofread your texts, making sure that they perfectly fit your target audience.


I had the opportunity to stay three years in New York, when the city went through the most terrible ordeal of its history, in 2001, and later in 2009-2011, where I could appreciate the wonderful resilience of its inhabitants. This intense experience has allowed me to further understand the true specificity of New York, which some consider “The most European of American cities”. As a docent for the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum) and the New Museum, I felt deeply engaged with American Visual Learning Techniques, and I also learned a lot about remarkable aspects of the city’s history and development. Let’s explore together the story of the Bowery, the emergence of Modern Dance, the Studio Movement…


Studying Arte povera at the Ecole du Louvre prompted me to spend some time in Italy in 2000. There, I could fully contemplate the strong relationship that unites Italian people to their heritage and stunning landscapes. Let’s discover together why Venice has become an ultimate destination for contemporary art lovers. Or I can also give you an insight into Italian design, palaces of Sicily, Palladian villas…


I graduated from the Ecole du Louvre in 1998, where I studied art history and museology, specializing in contemporary art. A twofold experience in translation and mediation allows me to adjust to all kinds of publics.

Art is to be shared, and I would be more than happy to be your guide.

You can also find me on toutelaculture.com, where I review exhibitions, dance shows and books.

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